The Elm Dance

Praise the Lord! I have just learnt more about the Elm Dance. Praying with the body. It is a community dance. It frees a person. I have to admit that I was not able to dance freely. I had a mental block that said that I could not and  that I was not graceful enough. Then the moment I surrendered to the Lord all the movements made and I stopped being my own critic, I was able to enjoy the few dances.

This particular Elm Dance is a dance for peace and so let us dance!

The Elm Dance has music that comes from Latvia and it translates to ‘How I feel’ The Elm is a tree that gives power and strength to resist.  In the ancient time the bark of the elm was used to close wounds and to heal skin impurities.

Leva Akuratere sings the song accompanied by the people of Latvia during their struggle for liberation. She sang it in the camps, and together with other artists helped the people embrace non-violent resistance. And no one ever touched weapons during the whole period of resistance against their opponents.

Thank God for the kind souls who have uploaded the you tube videos on the Elm Dance and on songs by Leva Akuratere.

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