He knows best

Praise the Lord for what happened this morning at St Anne’s Church. I had gone to attend an ordination Mass of Deacon Samuel Lim, (now Rev Fr Samuel Lim of St Bernadette’s Church) and as expected, the church was packed. But a minister of hospitality soon found me a pew right at the back of the church with several youths. Normally I would prefer to sit closer to the altar so I would be able to receive Holy Communion faster and have more time to pray. In this instance, I just had to accept what was available so I got down on my knees to say a short prayer. Then I told the young man next to me that I would be back in a short while and that he was to keep my seat for me. I left, certain that no one would take my place.

So I went to attend to a couple of things and soon I was back at my pew. Disappointment hit me at once. There were now two ladies sitting where I was supposed to sit, and when I told one of them that it was my place, she calmly announced that a minister of hospitality had given her the place. What could I do? Hardly anything.

A solution was very quickly offered. Praise the Lord! I was ushered to another pew right to the front portion of the church, just a couple of pews from the front pews reserved for the priests.  What a pleasant exchange! On my knees, I thanked the Lord for giving me a better location. It was a reminder that God knows best. I had simply surrendered the matter to Him and what did our Lord do? He offered me something better!

Is it not true to say that, more often than not, we tend to want our way and when we do not get it, we get upset. It seems better to do our part and then let our Lord take care of the results. Should things turn out differently, let us expect them to be better because God knows best. Praise the Lord!